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Greater Northwest Chicago Development Corporation
4506 W. Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60639
Phone: (773) 637-2416​ • info@gncdc.org

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Our Sponsors
Many thanks to the Executive Board of GNCDC for electing me to serve as Chairman of the Board. It’s an honor and I will give my utmost to protect, preserve and prosper the group, during my tenure.  GNCDC is invested in innovating industry. 

Nonprofits are an integral part of the strategic business structure and strategy within communities. Groups like GNCDC inspire and encourage growth. The result is flourishing communities with prosperous business revenue stream, increased career opportunities for residents and additional spending stream within the community. We promote internal as well as external cultural, environmental and business change and growth as an evolutionary processes.

I would like to take a moment to encourage our members to help take GNCDC to the next level. GNCDC exists only through our strategic membership partners’ support and interactive participation.

Chicago Metal Supply
Alpha Baking
Progressive Industries Inc.
MB Financial Bank
Star-Tech Glass

From The Chairman of the GNCDC
REB Storage Systems
Members work together to network, challenge and grow one another’s core strengths and capabilities and pass it onward. We need your help in the process of growing GNCDC organically – from within our strategic membership partner community. If you have a business friend or neighbor, pass our name on to them. Refer a friend - our growth is your gain. Each time we assist a small local business – we grow our community. 

Our loyal members ARE our organization. Without you, we don’t exist. We will be reaching out to our member partners and our community for assistance. Think about volunteering 
your time and talent to our organization. Your imagination inspiration and 
resources will ultimately benefit GNCDC’s value proposition and thus - helping
 our community. We’ve had members coming forward to help. This is fantastic!

I’m sure that’s why we’re called - 
GREATER Northwest Chicago Development Corp.
Since the genesis of GNCDC in 1977, our goal and our mission have remained steadfast. We’re a LIRI organization (Local Industrial Retention Initiative) as well as a 501 C 3 non-profit economic development organization that focuses on job creation, attraction and retention, outreach grants and training tools like TIF and SBIF assistance programs. GNCDC is laser focused on assisting our local small businesses with formidable organizational development programs. These programs not only foster business growth and prosper our local community – but it also brings vital initiatives forward for the people who need it most. We help small business owners realize their full potential and assist them in achieving their business goals and aspirations.  

Today and going forward – you’ll notice we’ve uplifted our ‘brand”, our image and our outreach into the community – bigger, better and stronger. This progress is to help ensure continued community vitalization and expansion. We want to be the leaders – who help our community leaders. When we strengthen our local businesses - productivity and profitability are optimized.

The Genesis of the GNCDC
We participate with school workforce training programs, knowing that today’s students are the workforce and business leaders of tomorrow. We team with local industrial and commercial businesses and their workforce populations. GNCDC’s contacts and connections are constantly evolving, gentrifying and uplifting the industrial and commercial properties on the Northwest Side of Chicago. These industrial corridor initiatives make a difference. We’re here to help our members and we know our members help one another as well. “It takes a village”. We’ve built a strong portfolio of City Agencies, Banks, Aldermen, Committeemen, Financial Gurus, HR experts, operations coordinators and executives joining the job market and business platforms together as one.  

We’ve survived market fluctuations and recessions and GNCDC is stronger than ever in our conviction to continue our initiatives well into the 21st century. The marriage of our strategic qualitative and quantitative methodologies – is the synthesizer of success. Our mission is to gather, garner and disseminate relevant information to the right people in the right places at the right time. GNCDC’s sponsorship of these beneficial programs – is the long-term commitment to our local business retention, attraction and expansion.

Proudly, a LIRI and a 501(c)(3) non-profit, GNCDC reaches out with programs & incentives in our community - since 1977 to effect local industrial retention & small business growth.