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Dee Dee Jones Joins the GNCDC Board

Dee Dee grew up on the West side of Chicago, IL and attended Austin Community Academy now known as Austin Poly Technical, she graduated from Lewis University, Romeoville, IL with a B.S in Business Administration 1999. Dee Dee is currently an Industry Coordinator with the Manufacturing College &Career Connect program a program of Manufacturing Renaissance. Dee Dee’s responsibilities include; exposing and preparing the youth for careers in manufacturing and recruiting manufacturing companies to participate in the Manufacturing Connect program to provide field trips, work experiences and career opportunities. Dee Dee also worked as an advisor for manufacturing companies on current trends, labor market information, workforce programs and funding, she connected companies to partner agencies for additional resources.


  • Wrote a training manual for a major Semi -Conductor Manufacturing Company in the mid 90’s resulting in a large monetary reward as well as cut new employee training time from two weeks to one

  • Recognized by a Plastic Manufacturing Company’s second shift where turnover was over 50% to 20% in 2005

  • Currently instrumental at developing and writing policies and procedures for Manufacturing Works

  • Consulted and convinced two local manufacturing companies to increase their pay rates to reduce turnover

  • Developed, wrote and implemented a customized recruiting event for employers known as the VIP Employer Day with 90% attendance for manufacturing companies and job seekers resulting in over 25 placements in one day

  • Fiscal Year ending June 2007 had a placement rate of 118% and currently hold a 100% retention rate for placements

  • Has earned many workforce training certifications and has earned the Measurement, Materials, and Safety NIMS Credential with plans to earn many more

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